Denver Fellas: Here's What To Do For Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day is a great excuse to show the lady in your life how much she means to you, but it doesn't have to break the bank. There are so many thoughtful and unique gift ideas right here in the Denver area that will make the 14th a success. Here are 5 great options. (Links in the titles)

1. Schedule her a nail appointment at Base Coat.

This contemporary nail salon gives more than the typical manicure or pedicure. She can sip on some wine (they serve rosé for free, say wha??!), sit in a velvet mid-century modern chair, and think about how her guy is just so thoughtful while getting pampered. You could even coordinate with one of her best friend's husband/boyfriend to see if they want to do the same for their girl and schedule their appointments together. They'll love it. They have two locations in the Denver area, one in Aurora's Stanley Marketplace, and the other in Lohi. You can book the appointment online or download their app check out their openings.

2. Pick up some Infinite Monkey Theorum canned wine & drive to the top of lookout mountain.

Take-out Thai food + canned wine + Denver skyline = a great Valentine's Day. Infinite Monkey Theorum is an urban winery in Denver's Rino and makes awesome wine, portable! You can pick up their vino at most local liquor stores and your favorite takeout before you head out to your lookout spot. This is a creative way to twist the classic date.

3. Book a night at the Amigo Motor Lodge.

Okay, this is a biiiiiiiit outside of the Denver area (in Salida), but the drive is worth it. Book a night the weekend before or after Valentine's and enjoy some quality time together at this rad, renovated 1950's motel. "The Amigo Motor Lodge is a newly renovated boutique motel with 60-year-old bones. Modern furnishings meet minimalist design to create a space that is friendly, casual and above all, comfortable. The property is complete with a teepee, hot tub, sun room and much more as the property is a constant work in progress."

So fun. 

4. Make cool things together at Upstairs Circus.

Drinks, crafts, laughs. What's better than that? There are two Denver locations (Downtown and the Tech Center) and you can easily make a reservation online!

5. Buy her a bouquet from RF&D. 

We may be biased, but this idea is our personal favorite. Flowers brighten any day, but fresh flowers on Valentine's Day is no doubt a must. We deliver bouquets all around the Greater Denver Area and all of our prices include delivery, whether it's to Boulder or Aurora. Each one of our bouquets is paired with a card and you can fill out your personal message that goes on the back on our ordering page. We made an entire Valentine's Day card line that include sayings like "Hey Valentine" "Be Mine" "Love You" and more. 


Our stock is limited for Valentine's, so we suggest you secure your Fresh Send by preordering (linked above)! We know she'll love her blooms. 

Combine some of these ideas or execute one really well and your girl will remember this Valentine's Day for years to come. Doing something thoughtful, different, and unique is sure to make her smile. 

Did we mention how fun these ideas are for single ladies? Go get your nails done with your best friend, do a girls weekend away, buy someone you love flowers! We think this day is set apart to intentionally love and celebrate the people in your life.

Hope you enjoy + Happy Valentine's Day!

The Rooted Team